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Promotional Products – In today’s world you need to make your brand memorable. You want your clients to be reminded of your brand by seeing it on a regular basis. Promotional products are an excellent source of tangible advertising. Selecting the most effective product from the complete spectrum of promotional options can be a daunting task. US Logo is your partner, not just a vendor.

Mid American Indian Center Stress Ball/ Bison-Promotional ProductMid-American All-Indian Center Stress Ball Squeezable Bison

We are uniquely positioned to be your single source for logo’d products, screen-printing, embroidery, vinyl car wraps, graphic design, custom video and so much more. You really have to see our showroom to understand we are the most complete logo depot in Wichita Kansas.

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The 12 Key Benefits of Using Promotional Products

Wichita’s Trusted Source for Promotional Products

We are based in Wichita Kansas and yes we do serve as a promotional products distributor to national clients. We also work to assist re-sellers across the country. However, for the most part, we deal with small businesses like yours. Much of our work is done in-house in our nearly 24,000 square foot facility at 520 N. West Street. Our customer service representatives are well versed with the latest product offerings of the advertising specialties industry.
QSI Facilities Summer Themed Promotional Products

A few points to take into account regarding your purchase:

What do you hope to accomplish? How will these items be distributed? Does this product fit within your overall marketing strategy? Does this product send the right message? How will you measure the success of this campaign?

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Promotional Products Like Yeti Tumblers, Promo Product Like Coffee Cups, Promo Items Like Coleman Thermos

Promotional Products golf ball and tee kits - promotional productLogo’d promotional golf ball and tee kits

What type of individual or company does this promotional item target? Remember to consider your target audience’s preference, not your own. Promotional products increase your brand awareness, but accomplishing your goals requires placing these items in the hands of your target audience.
QSI Facilities Summer Themed Promo Product Set
Finally, remember to ensure that your customer has a clear path to take action. So consider including your phone or web or address, whichever way you prefer they make contact with you.
A comment from a local small businessman, 4mypromo merchandise, I only use US Logo, right here in Wichita, Kansas.

US Logo makes every effort to be Wichita’s promo product depot, your single source for advertising specialties. We offer the entire spectrum of promotional item offerings making US Logo, Wichita’s single best source.

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The 16 Reasons Promotional Products that are Crucial for any Business

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Frequently asked question about promotional products

Q: What is the benefit of working for US Logo for promotional products vs. Vistaprint or one of the 1000 plus online sites?

A: One thing that sets US Logo apart from all the other promotional product sites out there is our quality customer service team that will help you through all decisions that need to be made. We are able to get samples of promo products if needed, as well as virtual proofs of the art for your approval. Give us a call today at 316-264-1321 and let us know what we can do for you…

5 Important Factors of Promotional Products

5 Important Factors of Promotional Products - Blog

The 16 Reasons Promotional Products that are Crucial for any Business

Quick! Think of the top three biggest brand names. What did you think of? McDonald’s? Nike? Your own company…? Probably not but every company has to start somewhere. In order to reach the consumer’s top of mind brand awareness, we can use channels to access this spot. It doesn’t matter your company’s purpose as long as you have a purpose big or small and through marketing, you can reach the peak! Promo items are… Click here to read more…

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Did you say, “where is a promotional products shop near me?”

Well here we are, conveniently located at 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas.