Think big sewing machines, lined up like a battalion of robots, droning away at high speed in perfect unison, under computer control. Our Tajima embroidery machines are huge, fast, and smart. This means you’ll get precision and consistency when we put your logo, company name, or other art on a garment. Embroidery doesn’t offer the fine detail of silk screening or digital printing, but it lasts a long time, looks very classy, and remains the favored process for companies that want to put their brand on a shirt, hat, jacket, seat back, cushion—virtually anything made of fabric.

  • PROCESS IDEAL FOR: Corporate look, polos, dress shirts, hats, jackets, long-lasting decoration.
  • TURNAROUND TIME: 10 Working Days, Rush Services Available.

OXY Fresh Carpet Cleaning Branded Embroidery

Branded Embroidery

US Logo started out as an embroidered logo company in 1990. We now offer a very comprehensive line of marketing products and services, but have continued to grow our embroidery department as technology changes, and embroidered apparel is still one of our cornerstone products.

Wichita Police Department Embroidered Badge

All our embroidery work is done in-house at our 24,000 square foot facility located at 520 N. West street in Wichita KS, so you’ll be buying direct from the manufacturer, which gives you maximum control over your order. (Many “embroidery companies” outsource the work. Several use US Logo to fulfill their orders, so when you buy directly from us, you skip the middleman.)

The Technology Behind Embroidered Designs

Computer software translates the design into a “stitch-able” form, then separates the colors for different thread applications. We can digitize most designs for embroidering.

We use special, polyester embroidery thread, which is much tougher than cotton thread, and it maintains vibrant color through laundering and sun exposure.

Converting Art for Embroidery

Wichita Thunder Hockey Stitched Duffel Bags

The digital set-up fee for converting your art into an embroidery design is called a “digitizing fee” or “tape charge.” At US Logo, we charge a one-time cost of $45.00 for this process. Another option is to use one of our standard fonts (we have hundreds) and choose a stock image from our library. In this case, the art elements are already in “embroidery format,” so there’s no digitizing fee.

Embroidered Products Turnaround Time

You can typically expect a 10-working-day turnaround time for an embroidery order. But we also offer rush service at an additional cost. Whatever your deadline, we’ll always do what we can to meet it.

Need Help with Your Design?

If you need help with your design, message, colors—or even a branding strategy for your embroidered project, the professionals at US Logo are ready to help. Our marketing specialists are trained to provide integrated branding solutions and help you allocate your marketing budget wisely. Our talented design department has helped hundreds of companies develop their visual brands.

Give us a call for help with your next embroidery project or for advice on your entire branding strategy. We also offer vehicle wraps, web design and SEO, signage, video production, printing services, and guidance on how to integrate all these media for maximum marketing effectiveness.

Symbolic Tattoo Artist Large Format Embroidered Jacket Logo

What Can Embroidery be Applied To?

Pretty much anything made of fabric can be embroidered, but our most popular products are polo shirts, jackets, and t shirts. Also popular are cushions and seat backs for office chairs, and team shirts. Here are examples of embroidered apparel:

  • Custom polos – our biggest seller. Polo shirts are an affordable way to share your brand on employee apparel or promotional give aways.
  • T Shirts – Although not as popular as polos, t shirts look great with embroidery. Cost per shirt can be very low, if your budget is limited, or you can choose from premium brands, different fabric blends and even high-tech wicking materials.
  • Jackets – a great way to show off your brand in the colder months. Choose from virtually endless styles, thicknesses and quality ranges.
  • Fleece garments – attractive and versatile. Fleece is moisture resistant, fast drying and cozy to wear in any season. Embroidered designs look awesome on this popular fabric.

Wind Money -  Renewable Wind Energy Embroidered Richards Ball Caps

Did you say where is a embroidery shop near me?

Well, here we are conveniently located on 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas.

Stop on by and speak with an embroidery specialist

Our apparel catalog is huge, offering every kind of garment in every price range, from low-cost to luxurious. Give us a call at (316) 264-1321 to see what we have to offer. Or stop by our facility in Wichita, KS, and check out the “Big Red Showroom,” leaf through catalogs and talk to a marketing specialist about branding your company with apparel, signage, video, web, SEO, print services or vehicle wraps. We’ll help you allocate your dollars wisely for maximum return on your marketing investment.

More Embroidery:

Embroidered logo designs provide an elegant appearance. Therefore, most corporate apparel items feature embroidered company logos. US Logo began as an embroidery company in Wichita Kansas in 1990. As a result, we have experience embroidering on all fabric types. Subsequently, we’ve learned that using polyester embroidery thread will dramatically improve color fastness, especially on items that will be laundered professionally.

Embroidery Threads:

Upholstery shops use US Logo to embroider logos on car, boat seats and cushions. Similarly, uniform companies select US Logo for the same reason. Our thread is colorfast, hence your thread colors remain vibrant, in particular when exposed to the sun.

idalgo Construction, LLC Embroidered Apparel

Embroidery Prices:

Set up fees for embroidery designs are usually referred to as “digitizing fees” although some may still reference them as a “tape charge”. Either way, a one-time cost of $45.00 is generally charged the first time we embroider your custom logo. If we embroider a word or a name with standard lettering or you select a stock image from our embroidery library, you will NOT be charged a digitizing fee. US Logo has an enormous selection of fonts to select from. Consequently, you can usually find a font that meets your needs.

Production Time:

While rush service is ordinarily available for an additional cost, for the most part, you should count on allowing 10 working days for us to process your order.

What kind of embroidery machine do we use?:

Tajima brand embroidery equipment is among the world’s finest, and you can see our Tajima machines busy running every day. All our embroidery work is done in house at our 24,000 square foot facility located at 520 N. West street in Wichita Ks, accordingly, we are in complete control of your order. Many local competitors imply they do embroidery when they actually send your order to US Logo for embroidery. Therefore, Cut out the middle man and shop with US Logo…

More help:

If you need help with your message, design, colors or any aspect of the look of your embroidered project, our marketing team at US Logo is ready to help at absolutely no extra charge.

Take a moment to look over some of the samples above, or better yet, come in. One of our US Logo Marketing Specialists will sit down and discuss with you what you want to achieve, your budget and how to get the best look possible.

Also be sure to view all of the other marketing services we provide. Apparel, logo design, digital marketing and advertising, printing, promotional items, vehicle wraps, signage and more. US Logo is your brand in action.

Did you say, “where is an embroidered products shop near me?”
Well here we are, conveniently located at 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas. Or you can call (316) 264-1321 to speak with a customer service representative.