Screen Printing

Screen Printing – The silk screening process puts a bold and colorful message on a piece of apparel that people will see again and again, like a walking billboard. Our automated screening equipment applies vibrant layers of plastic inks to the fabric, then bonds the image with heat, providing crisp, durable, eye-catching color. screen printing is a great apparel option for enormous quantities or just a few t shirts.

  • PROCESS IDEAL FOR: Artwork that requires high vibrancy, large quantities, Economical Pricing.
  • TURNAROUND TIME: 10 Working Days, Rush Services Available.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 12+, Exceptions can be made but cost is much higher.

Screen Printing
Wichita Brewing Company – WBC – 2018 West to East Marathon T-shirt Printing

Screen printed/ silkscreen t-shirts are used by businesses, sports teams, nonprofit organizations, bands, or even families headed to a reunion. Bring your own image or let our design department create just the right art for your message. Screen print shirts from US Logo are one of the most affordable, practical, popular and effective promotional tools ever made. Call (316) 264-1321 to learn more.

How to Get Started:

Silk screen printing is one of the most colorful options for putting a design on fabric. It applies a thick layer of ink to the garment, one color at a time, forming a “skin” of color over the cloth that binds to the fabric below. Because ink layers are opaque, light colors can be printed on dark shirts, providing brilliant hues, crisp images, and versatility of design. High-tech inks allow us to control the drying process and prevent bleeds between colors.

Screen printed apparel can incorporate up to eight colors in a design. If you need help with art, our marketing specialists can advise you on the types of images and content that will best convey your message. Or our design department can tweak your design or create one for you from scratch.

Once the image is finalized, we’ll separate the design into its component colors for printing, then show you computer mock-up of how the finished art will look on your silk screen printed product(s).

The process of printing t shirts involves the application of inks that are squeegeed through a silk stencil onto the fabric. Each color layer is flash dried in a curing oven before applying the next color, and the inks are set in the fabric to assure that the design doesn’t prematurely crack, fade or peel off.

Once the final product is inspected, your message is ready to wear. We typically have a 10-business-day turnaround time, but we’ll always do our best to meet more urgent deadlines. It begins with a call, an email or a visit to our facility in west Wichita.

Villa Boxing Pink Printed Hoodies
Custom screen printed t shirts for Villa Boxing Wichita Ks

We can also help with your other marketing needs, from vehicle wraps to brochures, from website SEO to video production. US Logo is your one-stop marketing source when you’re ready to put your brand in action.

How Does Screen Printing Shirts Compare to Other Types of Apparel Graphics?

We can put graphics on apparel with several methods, including direct to garment, embroidery, and sublimation, but silk screen printing is the most popular method. This process provides brilliant color, fine detail, durability, and cost effectiveness for virtually any quantity. Silk screened images can applied to most any type of fabric. Other apparel printing options include:

How Does Silk Screen Printing Compare…

  • Direct to Garment Digital Printing – This is a great option when you just need a few garments printed. No set up or minimum quantity is required, but the colors aren’t as vivid as on a screen printed garment, and they will fade faster. Direct to garment is also not a good option for dark fabrics. Read More…
  • Sublimation – A form of digital printing like direct-to-garment, sublimation provides bright colors and can be printed all over a garment, rather than only in the center of the front and back, as with screening. Potential drawbacks of sublimation are that it has a higher cost per garment and can only be printed on white, 100 percent polyester shirts. Read More…
  • Embroidery – This is a long-lasting solution in which designs are sewn onto the garment with colored thread. It’s typically used for small designs—most often for a company logo and name on the chest area. Embroidery looks great, but doesn’t reproduce detail well or make the same kind of big, bold statement as screen printing. Read More…
  • Heat press – Commonly associated with name and/or numbers on the back of team jerseys, heat press vinyl is best suited to images or wording requiring only a single color but certainly can be used in the creation of multi-color images. Read More…

Custom screen printed t-shirt for Second Chance Bail Bonds - Wichita, KSCustom screen printed t-shirt for Big Fish Bail Bonds – Wichita, KS

Apparel Printing FAQ
    A: Yes. As long as the same size art is being used on each t-shirt size, you can mix sizes at no extra charge.
    A: Sure, with an additional fee. However, in most cases, a digital proof will show you how the artwork will look once it is produced. We can also share samples of other, similar, printed garments if you stop by our facility in Wichita, Kansas.
    A: We have a wide variety of ink colors to choose from, and we can usually match the colors in your artwork very closely. If not, custom colors can be mixed at an additional charge.
    A: Your printed image can be as large as 14 ½ inches wide and 15 inches tall.
    A: Screen printing requires vector images in one of the following formats: AI, EPS, PDF or CDR.
    A: No. Our inks are bonded to the fabric with heat, making them washer and dryer safe.
    A: Sure. Screen print t-shirts are our most popular garment, but we can print your message on sweatshirts, jackets and more.
    A: Yes. Screen printing applies an opaque coating of ink to the fabric, so dark colors are no problem.
    A: Yes. Screen printing is also called silk screen or serigraph. The same technique of ink application is used whether for t shirt production runs or fine art prints.
    A: Sure, and it will look great. Screening is a versatile printing method that offers high color vibrancy and excellent image detail.
Did you know?

We also offer full color direct to garment – DTG printing?

What Does Custom T-Shirt Printing Mean to You?

You reach into your drawer or closet to pull out that favorite T-shirt because it means more than something comfortable to wear. It’s special to you because the message on it says something about you. Could be your school or team, where you work, a 5K race you ran or volunteered to help with, your favorite place to work out, a club you belong to or your favorite micro-brewery. Maybe it just has a clever phrase that makes you and others smile. Yes, SCREEN PRINTING creative designs on T-shirt at US Logo means a lot to you.

Now think how much that screen print means if you’re a business, organization or event it represents. The clean, vibrant colors, logo and message it sends out to be seen again and again. US Logo is called upon daily to help imagine, produce and deliver screen printing projects from small numbers to enormous quantities. US Logo understands exactly what kind of

Screen Printing, Silk Screen Printing or Just T-Shirt Printing

You may have heard the process referred to as something other than screen printing. Some call it silk screening or silk screen printing, or maybe just t-shirt printing. One thing is certain. T-shirt printing from US Logo is one of the most affordable, practical, popular and effective promotional items ever made. T-shirt printing involves printing directly onto the surface of the garment. And because it’s a relatively simple process to duplicate on multiple items, the cost becomes an easy math equation. How many do you want?

4H Shooting Sports screen print t shirt
4H Shooting Sports screen print t shirt

Your Projects:

Whether your custom t-shirt printing project requires just one color or up to eight, US logo will perform and deliver to your expectations. If you need help with your message, design, colors or any aspect of the look of your t-shirt printing project, our marketing team at US Logo is ready to help you at absolutely no extra charge. The average turnaround time for most screen printing projects from US Logo is just 10 working days. If it’s an emergency that requires a rush service, US Logo will do whatever we can to help you make your deadline.

Screen print shop near me…

Take a moment to look over some of the samples below, or better yet, come in. One of our US Logo Marketing Specialists will sit down and discuss with you what you want to achieve, your budget and how to get the best look possible.

Also be sure to view all of the other marketing services we provide. We provide apparel, logo design, marketing and advertising, printing, promotional items, vehicle wraps, signage and more. US Logo is your brand in action.

All about silk screen printing – blog

Screen printing. What is it? Well, as defined by the dictionary, silk screen print is the force of ink or metal onto (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern. The screen is, basically, a stencil that is then used to apply layers of ink onto the surface. T-shirt printing is also commonly referred to as silk screening or silk screen printing. A screen printing press allows multiple copies of a design to be printed in an efficient and professional manner. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve probably been a consumer of screen printing if you’ve ever ordered shirts for your kid’s baseball team or for your Wednesday night bowling team.

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Over 30 inspiring examples of screen printing…
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Did you say, “where is a screen printing shop near me?”
Well here we are, conveniently located at 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas. Or you can call (316) 264-1321 to speak with a customer service representative.