Franchise Marketing Services: We Make it Easier to Grow a Franchise

Growing a successful franchise is a huge, complicated undertaking, but US Logo can simplify entire portions of your operation as a one-stop source for several key services and products. Our franchise marketing services allows you to delegate these tasks more efficiently and spend more time growing your business.

Franchise Marketing Services

We’re a Weird Company

As far as we know, there’s no other company that provides the comprehensive collection of franchise services we do. US Logo spans the gaps between online services, creative services, apparel, signage, and vehicle wraps. When you bring all these under one roof, your logo will look the same in every use, and your message will be consistent everywhere it appears, so you don’t have to worry about monitoring brand consistency among locations. Your costs will likely go down because we manufacture many of the physical products used by franchises, so you get factory-direct costs rather than pricing that’s been marked up by an agency. And procuring all these services through US Logo makes you a pretty big fish to us, so you get serious VIP attention.

One-Stop Franchise Tool Kit

One of the hallmarks of a successful franchise is graphic consistency across all media and locations. If you’ve already worked with multiple vendors for any of the services we provide, you know that it opens the door to unacceptable variations in color, materials, design layout, and even logo reproduction. We’ll take it upon ourselves to manage your company’s graphic standards across all media and make sure everything used by your franchisees is in strict compliance.

And here’s a nice bonus: by running everything through a central web portal (which we provide), your corporate office makes money from each franchisee product purchase.

We Make it Easier to Grow a Franchise

US Logo franchise services:

  • Central Procurement Web Portal for franchisees
    Our Central Procurement Web Portal system allows your corporate office to keep decisive control of every franchisee’s use of graphics. It provides them with a simple, back-end web interface where they can order vehicle wraps, uniforms, facility signage, and print materials—with all designs pre-approved by you—and you earn money from each sale. The system is infinitely scalable, so go on: think big.
  • Uniforms and branded apparel
    US Logo began as a branded apparel company 31 years ago, so we’re good at finding the lowest prices on the highest quality apparel in the world, then passing the savings on to our clients. We offer every kind of apparel graphics, from embroidered and screen-printed designs to heat press imaging, to sublimated (dgt, direct-to-garment/ all-over-the-garment) designs.
  • Signage
    Brand consistency among franchisees can get especially dicey with signage. It’s easy for individual locations to buy signage locally to fill specific spaces or custom needs, which introduces color and material variations that inevitably result from using different printers. With our online procurement system, each location buys signage through a dedicated franchise web portal. If a franchise has unusual signage needs, we’ll quickly respond to fill those needs with graphics that are consistent with your brand identity.
  • Printed materials
    We bring the same meticulous attention to brand consistency in your flyers, brochures, and business cards. Again, it makes sense to keep all branded materials under the auspices of a single art department.
  • Vehicle wraps
    If you have a fleet of vehicles across multiple locations, it’s particularly important to have all vehicle graphics printed at a single site because vinyl wraps tend to look conspicuously different from one supplier to the next. We ship all wraps from our centrally located facility in Wichita, Kansas, then each franchisee hires a local company to install them according to your specifications.
  • Graphic design
    Our art department understands brand consistency and how to achieve it with every kind of media, from apparel to wraps, from online marketing to physical signage. When you route all your graphic needs through US Logo, this expertise assures that your logo, brand colors, and message will always look the same, no matter where they’re displayed.
  • Copywriting
    In our do-it-yourself marketing world, lots of small business owners get away with writing their own web copy. But not franchises. You need professional copy that vividly brings your brand to life rather than just describing what you do. Our writers have years of experience producing high-conversion copy for web, print, and signage.
  • Video production
    Your video content should look as good as you want your company to look, and less-than-professional videos don’t paint a flattering picture of your brand. Our experienced film team produces “East Coast” work on a Midwest budget. We can provide start to finish project management, from script concept to final edit.

You’re Gonna Love the Prices

Word on the street has it that we offer lower prices than most competitors for all the services and products we provide. We’re not getting rich from our franchise clients; we’re partnering with them.

Above and Beyond: A Case History

When we began working with Signal 88, a growing security franchise, they were paying too much for uniforms. We’re not sure why. Maybe some companies get dollar signs in their eyes when they hear the words “franchise client.” We cut their costs by 27 percent on one uniform right out of the gate.

When Signal 88 needed a hard-to-find shirt style with a police-type mic clip on the shoulder, we found an extremely high-quality solution at an unusually low price.

We built them a 200+ portal website that allows their franchisees to purchase all their branded supplies, with all fulfillment and customer service handled by US Logo. It saves their operations manager a ton of time every month.

When we learned how much Signal 88 was paying for vehicle wraps for their patrol vehicles, we were able to reduce their costs by 36 percent and shorten their lead time
from 10 working days to 3.

This really gets at the core of what we bring to our franchise clients: we treat your company as if it’s our own, doing everything we can to make sure your brand looks great and your numbers look healthy. We’re not seeking customers; we’re seeking partners. Give us a call—ask for Joel or TJ—and let’s figure out what we can do to grow your franchise.

Best Franchise Service Questions and Answers

Q & A

Q: Do I have to use all of US Logo’s services, or can I pick the ones I need?

A: It’s up to you. Not everybody needs fleet wraps. Not everybody is ready to invest in content marketing or video production. That’s fine. It still makes gobs of sense to bring as many services as you can under one roof.

Q: If I need a special type of garment or an unusual vehicle wrap texture, can US Logo get it?

A: Oh, yeah. We can get it all.

Q: Should I be educating my franchisees about our company’s graphic standards?

A: By all means share your graphic standards with every location. Make it clear that these rules are nonnegotiable and that they can order all signage, wraps, apparel, and print materials through your web portal. If you don’t have a graphic standard manual, we can help you put one together.

Q: If a franchisee needs something that isn’t shown on the web portal, can US Logo handle it?

A: Yes, we can respond very quickly to custom orders while maintaining your graphic brand identity.

Q: Is US Logo a uniform service like Aramark?

A: No, we sell uniforms outright. Many of our clients find it simpler and more cost effective to let employees launder their own uniforms.