film crew

film crew

Wynn Ponder and Film Crew

Film Crews

We’ve provided film crew services for major networks, online content networks and documentary films.

We shoot 1080p/2K on a Sony F5 with a Sony 18-252mm cinema zoom lens . Audio can be recorded via two Sennheiser lav mics and two Rode NTG-2s, with a Rode blimp available for high wind conditions.

For camera mounts, we offer a Digital Juice 8-foot Gemini Jib, a Digital Juice Orbit Dolly with pneumatic wheels or track wheels (with portable 10-foot track available), a car mount, and a 40-inch slider.

    Lighting options include:

  • 3) Flolights
  • 2) Arri 2Ks
  • 2) Lowel Omni lights
  • 2) Lowel Tota lights
  • 2) Full portable flag and diffuser kit, 24” x 36”

Film Crew Team

US Logo’s video team puts some of Wichita’s most respected filmmaking professionals in your stable. Call (316) 264-1321 or email to take your organization to the next level.