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Why send your print jobs across the country when Wichita, KS, has an established print marketing company with local folks you can count on to treat you right? Our prices are often 30 percent lower than local competitors, and our people are fun to work with. We believe that customer service and high quality print services are more reliable when you can deal with local people, so we focus our attention on south central Kansas businesses.

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Stop by, have a cup of coffee, and check out the “Big Red Showroom.” Let one of our marketing specialists show you how print marketing is still alive and well as a branding tool.

They can also help you integrate your print campaigns with the other marketing media, from vehicle wraps to SEO, from signage to video production.

US Logo is uniquely positioned to provide effective, affordable marketing solutions for 2019 and beyond. Give us a call at (316) 264-1321.

Print Marketing

Print Marketing

Yes, it’s the 21st century, and we offer a wealth of digital marketing tools that can laser-focus your message to the right online audiences. BUT … what if your audience is concentrated in a certain zip code? If so, a printed direct mail piece is still the most cost effective medium you can utilize. What if your audience includes people who still feel a sense of brand validity when they hold a brochure or a business card in their hands? Yep, they’re still out there in huge numbers. Print is considered “old school” by some online marketing purists. Still a comprehensive branding campaign often needs to use signs, vehicle graphics, direct mail, business cards, printed collateral, and other types of print marketing to paint a full picture.

US Logo provides state-of-the-art online marketing services that you have to see to believe. We also recognize the value of print media to fully connect with customers. Our customer service representatives understand all the methods of marketing communication that build a strong brand. We can help you tailor a branding package that leaves no stone unturned as you grow your business.

About Paper Stocks

The type of paper you choose is important, from a design standpoint, a cost standpoint, an aesthetic standpoint—maybe even an environmental standpoint. It’s important to talk with one of our marketing specialists to get a sense of how different papers will affect the images you’re printing on them. Many people are disappointed by online print jobs because a computer screen can’t demonstrate the impacts of different papers. When you work with a local printer like US Logo, we can give you a clear sense of what your finished product will look like in its printed form. The following guide will give you the basics of choosing the right paper for your print job.


Weight basically equates to thickness. Text stock is the light paper we’re accustomed to using in copiers and office printers. Cover stock is basically thin cardboard. Heavier weights are also available for more durable printed pieces. Thicker stocks provide cleaner edges when die cut, while lighter stocks save on postage, if you plan to mail a printed piece. Thin, stiff paper is best if you plan to perforate it.

Print materials - Ditch Witch Undercon Christmas Cards


Gloss papers are coated with a shiny finish, while dull and matte finishes are coated, but not as shiny. It depends on the look you want. Uncoated papers have no finish whatsoever and can give a more organic look but don’t reproduce sharp color images as brilliantly. Uncoated papers are also the right choice for forms or other printed pieces you’ll need to write on, as coatings can repel ink and pencil lead.


Paper can be made from a variety of materials: wood, synthetic fiber, cloth, or plastic. Ask one of our marketing specialists which material is best for your print job.

Printing Services and Products We Offer

There are a lot of ways to put the power of print to work for your brand:

  • o Business cards – still a no-brainer for both remote and face-to-face business networking.
  • o Brochures – Brochures – an obvious way to portray the benefits of a brand or product for people who like the validation and reassurance of a solid marketing piece they can hold.
  • o Rack cards – a beautiful cross-selling tool for your lobby, and a way to generate new business when placed at other locations.
  • o Post cards – this old standard is still a “laser beam” when you need to target specific zip codes and neighborhoods.

Printing Services and Products….

  • o Door hangers – a sure-fire “leave behind” for special promotions in specific neighborhoods.
  • o Thank-you cards and greeting cards – an important way to show appreciation and keep your brand in front of prospects and customers.
  • o Presentation folders – a necessity for truly professional sales meetings, and a great way to package specific marketing pieces for specific audiences.
  • Printing - Presentation Folder

  • o Manuals – whether for employees or customers, manuals make your company, its policies and its products more accessible to those you count on for growth.
  • o Flyers – showcase specific products or events with these low-cost printed pieces. Great for trade shows, sales meetings and hand outs.
  • o Invitations – a professionally designed, customized invitation adds class to your event and your brand.
  • o Sell sheets – like flyers, these allow you to package the right information for the right audience in a compact but comprehensive format.
  • o Carbonless forms / NCR (Non-Carbon Reproducing) forms – a necessity for any business that uses multi-copy printed documents.
  • o Letter head and envelopes – a necessity for companies that send printed correspondence.
  • o Contracts – a professionally printed contract saves you time and makes your company look more professional.
  • o Stickers, posters and note pads – these printed marketing materials can be displayed in customers’ offices over long periods of time, making a daily brand impression.
  • o Menus – if you’re a restaurant, the quality of your menu makes a first impression about the quality of your food.
  • o POP (point of purchase) printing – an important part of merchandising, and a great tool to help close the sale.
  • o Magnets – with a useful message, these can keep your brand in front of potential customers day after day after day after …
  • o Car magnets – an excellent low-cost option for vehicle advertising. If you want it to look really great, check out our car wraps.
  • o Vinyl lettering – this stuff looks really great, and you can put it on walls, cars, ostriches, virtually anywhere. Well, not ostriches.

DitchWitch Undercon Custom Vinyl Logo on a Christmas Bulb

  • o Wide format printing – when the copy shop just can’t make it big enough, we can.
  • o Vehicle wraps – a whole conversation unto itself. Check out the page: vehicle wraps.
  • o Calendars – People will look at this every day. That’s a good thing for your brand.
  • o EDDM printing – the postal service partners with businesses who want to cost-effectively target mailings by neighborhood—without buying a list. The printing requirements for this are very specific. We can help you with it.
  • o Canvas prints – if this had been around in da Vinci’s time, his work would have been hanging in every Renaissance home.
  • o Photo posters – spotlight your products or customers with promotional posters. Or get a poster of your dog.
  • o Signs – self explanatory; getting people into your business and helping them navigate your facility is a given.
  • o Banners – an attractive, low-cost option for temporary promotions.

Why Choose US Logo for Your Print Services?

We’re good at what we do, and our reputation in Wichita, Kansas, is solid. Our marketing specialists are trained to provide integrated branding solutions. They can help you put your marketing dollars into the most cost effective channels, including printed media. We have top tier quality print work, yet we often cost 30 percent less than our local competitors because we do a lot of printing. Here are a few other reasons to choose US Logo:

  • o Custom artwork – no problem. We’ll convert your art files to the right format and resolution to provide beautiful printed pieces.
  • o Design services – our design department is awesome, and very affordable.
  • o Fast Turnaround – we’re very efficient, and we’ll work with you to meet your deadlines.
  • o Free Digital Proofs – we don’t nickel-and-dime you with stuff like this. Proofs are often a necessary part of the approval process.

Printed Vinyl Decals for Boxing Ring Turn Buckle Covers


  • A: Accountability is the main reason to work with a local printing company. We’re here in Wichita, Kansas, so if you have concerns or problems with your print job, you can always talk to a real person, face-to-face. It’s also nice to be able to look at paper samples and see how they take ink and display images.
  • A: Sure.
  • A: Several formats can work: psd, ai, eps, pdf, png, and even high-res jpegs are fine for most print jobs. We may also need fonts and embedded images for completed art. Every job is a little different. Give us a call: (316) 264-1321.
  • A: Because of the wide differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on your specific monitor. If you would like an exact color match, please speak to our customer service representative about using the PMS (Pantone® Matching System) to achieve your color goals.
  • Yes, we do have templates for your use. There will be some custom items that we will not have templates for. Please check with your customer service representative about getting a template for your print project.
  • A: If you are sending in your own artwork, we accept .psd, .tiff, .jpg, .png, .eps, .pdf and .ai files at full size. We will need the fonts outlined and all of the images embedded. We do require a 0.25” bleed added to all print projects. Bleed allows you to run your artwork to the edge of the paper. If you need help with how to accomplish this, please contact your customer service representative for answers to your questions.

Print Advertising

From mailers to hanging signs, print advertisement might seem old fashioned, but in a place like Wichita, it can go a very long way. Print advertising seems simple, but there is a subtle art to it. There is a real difference between a basic print advertising plan and an extremely well thought out advertisement plan.

Our team can help you design something that will actually work for your business – from hanging tabs to bold leaflets. We can help you with images, text, and even photography.