• “Master Files” or “Live Art” – art and design files created by US Logo and its employees for a client, job or internal use and the promotion of US Logo or its customers.
  • “Final Deliverables” – the final items, files or products provided to a client at the end of a project or job.
  • “Indemnity Form” – A document releasing US Logo and its employees from copyright infringement liability and damages.

Customer Contract - Customer Policy


Artwork Policy

US Logo does not supply master files or live art to clients during or upon job completion as part of final deliverables. US Logo retains all ownership of original artwork and files created for clients. US Logo may use any and all files and artwork created for clients either as finished pieces or created during the design and production process for and in their own promotions, marketing, competitions, educational purposes, future jobs and portfolio endeavors as they see fit, unless otherwise specified in writing by the client. If you would like to purchase live art files, terms must be negotiated with a member of US Logo management. All requests for live art files must be submitted to US Logo in writing and all terms for purchasing live art must be communicated and agreed upon in writing.


All client supplied artwork; i.e. logos, sketches, images, copy, fax, email, etc., that are requested by the client to be used in the design process and/or final artwork removes US Logo from any copyright violation, warranties or legal action and the originality of ensuing designs cannot be guaranteed. Artwork supplied by the client does not belong to US Logo but final designs and artwork created by US Logo containing client supplied artwork do remain the property of US Logo. Final and/or process live art files containing customer supplied artwork will not be supplied or given to the client unless predetermined and agreed upon terms are setup with US Logo management. In the instance of customer provided files that US Logo vectors for clients, US Logo does not retain ownership over these vectored files and these files may be given to customers for an agreed upon price, once the customer has paid in full. Any and all designs created using these vectored files do not belong to the client and will not be included as final deliverables given to the client, unless predetermined terms are setup by US Logo management and the client.


US Logo will make every possible attempt to create something original, unique and legally distinct for every client and every job. Should the customer request something similar to another artists’ work, US Logo is released from any and all damages and violations which then fall on the customer should copyright infringement and legal action occur. In instances where US Logo unknowingly and accidentally creates artwork that is similar to an existing artwork/design for the customer, US Logo will allow and provide one free revision to create something original and legally distinct.


Important Information Regarding Colors

It is important to note that while you are reviewing proofs on a computer screen, smartphone or tablet, the colors will be different than that of the final printed deliverables. All screens use RGB color modes and are backlight, printing for almost any project you do with US Logo will be done using CMYK or Spot colors and will not be backlight. Therefore, there may be instances where the colors from your proofs to the final deliverables will vary anywhere from slightly to significantly. To prevent too much of discrepancy in colors, should you need an exact color matched, you will need to provide US Logo with exact color values in either CMYK, RGB or Spot Colors. If you cannot provide one, we cannot guarantee an exact color match. If you do provide one, we will do our best to ensure your final colors match the colors specifications you have provided us with, but we cannot guarantee they will match as colors will always vary from printer to printer and job to job depending upon the printer’s calibration, ink levels/usage, production process and more.


Job Processes & Policy

All job details and needs will be communicated between the CSR (Customer Service Representative) or Sales Rep and job estimates will be submitted to the customer prior to the beginning of the job. The customer must approve the job confirmation and, in most instances, make a down payment or pay a deposit for the job to be started. The customer must provide any and all copy they want used in the job prior to, or at the start of the job. Customers may, and are encouraged to, provided examples of other designs/artwork they like to assist the creative department in designing for the job at hand. Once a design/artwork is finished by the creative department, the CSR or Sales Rep will email the customer a proof of the finished design(s). The customer must then submit any changes or revisions they would like made or communicate that the design is approved for production. It is imperative that you carefully review all mockups, details, text, contact details, dates, etc. in your artwork/design and clearly communicate any necessary changes prior to approval to avoid incurring additional charges. All jobs are allowed a maximum of 2 rounds of revisions in the estimated job cost. Any additional rounds of revisions may incur hourly design charges that will be applied to the customer’s final bill/total due. Upon the customer’s approval of the artwork/design, the job will go into production quickly thereafter and changes will no longer be able to be made. If changes are requested after approval, additional charges and or printing/production charges will be added to your final bill. Upon the completion of production, you will receive the final deliverables in the agreed upon method determined at the beginning of your job.


Claims Policy

If upon receiving your final deliverables you determine there is an issue, you have 5 business days to make a claim to a US Logo employee stating the issue either in writing, over the phone or in person. If the issue is something that could not be previewed in the proofing process (quality issues such as paper quality, trimming issues, scuffed edges, etc.) then US Logo will negotiate to remake anything that is not up to our high-quality standards at either a reduced price or free of charge. If the issue is something that was overlooked during the proofing process or was not communicated clearly, then US Logo will negotiate terms and costs for fixing and reproducing anything as needed.


Cancellation & Job Abandonment Policies

Should you choose to cancel a job once it has started you may do so at any time. Any deposits you have made will not be returned to you to compensate US Logo for the time already invested in the job. If at some point in the future you decide to resume the same project, you may do so without paying an additional deposit, but the estimated cost for the job may increase due to a variety of reasons including inflation, cost of goods increase, overall cost of services increase, etc.


If you choose to abandon a job, and/or do not communicate about a job for more than 60 days it will be considered as “abandoned”.  Once a job is abandoned, no deposits or payments made will be returned. Should you choose to resume a job beyond the 60-day mark, a new estimate and new deposit will be required.


All new and/or different jobs started after cancelling or abandoning a job will incur and require their own estimate(s) and charges and will require their own deposit. No previous deposits on uncompleted jobs may be used as deposits on other/new jobs.


Payment Policy

You or your company agree to pay necessary deposits to get jobs started. You also agree to pay for all work completed, final deliverables and any additional charges you are informed of and as quoted per each job US Logo performs for you or your company. Failure to pay a deposit may result in your job not starting. US Logo is not held responsible if deposits are paid late and final deliverables are provided on the agreed upon date. Failure to make payments may result in all or any of the following: final deliverables won’t be provided to you or your business, additional charges for interest or late payment may incur, US Logo may refuse to perform future work, you or your company may be sent to collections to remit payment for unpaid jobs/work. To maintain the best working relationship, please provide prompt payment for deposits and on all invoices. If you have a discrepancy about the amount on an invoice, please contact US Logo immediately.


Confidentiality Policy

All communication and documents provided and shared between US Logo employees and the customer will be considered confidential and will be treated as such, unless consent has been granted by both parties.


Working Relationship Policy

In agreeing to work with US Logo, customers agree to be professional and respect US Logo employees. US Logo employs a variety of people from all races, religions, genders and backgrounds and it is expected that customers will treat all US Logo employees with the same dignity, care, consideration and professionalism that they will show to you. If an employee makes a complaint about working with the customer, the customer may be asked to do any of the following: leave the US Logo premises, work with another US Logo employee, or quit working with US Logo altogether with a partial refund of any payments made on current jobs. If you feel you are mistreated by a US Logo employee, please don’t hesitate to let a member of US Logo management know and steps will be taken to rectify the situation.


Acceptance of Polices & Agreement

By entering a business relationship with US Logo, you have read, understand and agree to the policies outlined in this document. You understand that this is a legally binding document, and should you violate any of the policies outlined above, serious action and/or legal reparation may ensue. US Logo reserves the right to update and/or change these policies at any time and you as the client will be notified of changes should they occur. Any grievances or discrepancies with policies outlined in this document must be noted and signed off on by US Logo and you as the client before work commences on your job/project. By signing below, you act as a representative for yourself and/or your business and agree to the statements and policies outlined in this document.


Company/Business Name: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________


Company Representative Printed Name: ________________________________________________


Company Representative Signature: ___________________________________________________


US Logo Representative Signature: ____________________________________________________

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