Wrap Boutique/ Vinyl Wrap Salon

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MightyWraps, vehicle-boutique specializes in restyling cars with vehicle wraps and accent graphics. Whether you are a dealership that sells cars (new or used) and you want to add value to your inventory, or you want to personalize your own car with graphics that will set you apart from the crowd.

In the past, something like this was only available for the rich and famous, but MightyWraps makes it accessible to everyone. Not only are we bringing it to you, but we are making it affordable. Our highly trained team will give you that superstar look at a fraction of the cost.

Our Vehicle Boutique takes your car and makes it extraordinary. We have over 100 colors and texture wrap materials that will add interest and appeal to your vehicles, including satin, matte, and gloss finishes. Color wise, we can give you anything from matte orange to glossy hot pink.

We can work with you on whatever you need, from specialized coloring to special finishes. We work on all vehicles, including: vans, cars, SUVs, foreign models, luxury cars, and exotic automobiles.

If you have any questions about our Vehicle Boutique, give us a call at 316-264-1321 and we can answer them at any time.