Semi Truck Wraps/ Diesel Wraps

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Wraps not only provide a way to advertise your business, but also act as a barrier for the painted surfaces of your semi-truck and trailer, helping to further protect your investment. MightyWraps, a US Logo company based out of Wichita, Kansas, specializes in wraps of all shapes and sizes, including semi-truck wraps and semi-trailer wraps. On top of wraps being a great form of advertisement for your business, they are also incredibly cost-effective and long-lasting.

Our team will assist you throughout any and all of the stages of the wrapping process – from concept, to design, to installation. Wraps can be customized through the use of colors, graphics, logos, or any other custom design you may have in mind. Whatever you’ve dreamed up, we can make into a reality!

Doonan Semi Truck WrapsDoonan Semi Truck Wraps

An Effective Form of Mobile Advertising

Unlike your traditional forms of marketing, truck and trailer wraps provide 24-hour advertising for your company. And, because it is mobile, you will gain even more views from potential customers of all demographics than through standard billboard advertising alone. Vehicle wraps have the ability to reach up to 40,000 people a day. That’s a lot of potential customers!

Hajoca Mack Truck Semi Truck Fleet WrapHajoca Mack Truck Semi Truck Fleet Wrap

Truck and trailer wraps are also multi-dimensional, which means instead of simply having an advertisement on just one side, your design is displayed on all sides, further increasing potential views. MightyWraps can customize your design to include visuals, messages, or any other aspect of your brand in order to turn your semi-truck and trailer into an advertising machine.

Horton's Carpet Semi Truck WrapHorton’s Carpet Semi Truck Wrap

Durable and Long-Lasting

MightyWraps uses only the highest quality of wraps for our jobs. Once we’ve worked together with you to create your design, we will begin the printing and installation process. All of our wraps are printed on high-quality vinyl wraps using a state-of-the-art ink, which allows for the highest possible resolution of images. Since our wraps come from the best materials, they will also protect your truck and trailer from the day-to-day wear and tear that vehicles face, including dirt, debris, and UV rays. Our wraps are incredibly durable, flexible, easy to maintain, and are guaranteed to last for years.

Cat Daddy Converters Semi Box Truck WrapCat Daddy Converters Semi Box Truck Wrap

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Semi-truck and trailer wraps are both affordable and cost-effective forms of marketing for your business compared to other traditional forms of advertising. A wrap is a one-time cost that continues to provide effective advertising for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years to come and is much more affordable than a custom paint job. Unique designs on vehicles really capture the attention of bystanders, and will often make a lasting impression. And when that happens, they will be calling your company for your services!

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the use of wraps on their company fleet. Considering the high number of impressions your truck and trailer will make, a wrap is well worth the investment!

Wichita Kenworth Semi Truck WrapWichita Kenworth Semi Truck Wrap

Pride in Our Work

With over 25 years of experience, our professionals are sure to provide a seamless and superior installation for your semi-truck and trailers. Trucks and trailers have unique shapes, which require precision of measurements in order for the wraps to adequately fit the cab. After we’ve meticulously measured the truck or trailer, we make sure your customized design is adequately placed and fitted for maximum effectiveness.

Hajoca Box Truck Semi Truck WrapHajoca Box Truck Semi Truck Wrap

Available Options to Choose From:

MightyWraps offers many options for semi-truck and trailer fleets.

Semi-truck cab coverage:

  • • Full Coverage
  • • Partial Coverage
  • • Truck decals – spot graphics
  • • Custom stripes
  • • Custom designs
  • • Truck lettering
  • • Company logos
  • • Truck rear wraps
  • • Window lettering or graphics

Trailer Coverage:

  • • Full coverage
  • • Partial coverage
  • • Spot graphics
    & much more!

Holland Paving Dump Truck WrapHolland Paving Dump Truck Wrap

What Comes Next

With our wraps, you can expect to receive a great return on your investment and come out with a semi-truck and trailer that is sure to turn heads!

Hajoca Mack Truck Full Coverage Semi Truck Fleet WrapHajoca Mack Truck Semi Truck Fleet Wrap

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or whether you just want to keep your design clean and simple, MightyWraps can meet all of your needs! Our graphic team will work tirelessly with you to create the perfect design and our wrap professionals will make sure the installation is nothing short of perfect.

Give us a call or come give us a visit to setup a consultation!

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Hajoca Full Coverage Fleet Semi Truck WrapHajoca Full Coverage Fleet Semi Truck Wrap

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