Food Truck Wraps/ Food Delivery Vehicle Wraps

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So you’ve worked tirelessly to start your food truck business and you’ve bought the truck. So what’s next? That’s easy – get it wrapped!

First find out exactly what you need to reach the highest impact of your food truck. With food truck wraps, you can market anywhere and everywhere. Whether it’s during business hours or just a drive around town, a food truck wrap can allow for vast amount of reach and impression. Whether you’re just starting a food truck business or have been riding around for years, MightyWraps can help with any kind of food truck wrap design.

Food Truck Wraps - Twisted Kitchen

MightyWraps works to make sure your business thrives. No matter the project, we know how to do custom wraps. We make sure to give you exactly what you want at great value. It’s our mission to give you the best results in marketing and with food truck wraps, we will not steer you wrong.

Here at MightyWraps, we provide the service and support needed to help you to create a custom design for your food truck that is just as appetizing as the food that is served from it. We can transform your truck into the mobile billboard of your dreams – after that just wait and see the customers flood in!

Custom Designed - Food Truck Wrap

Food Truck Designs

Don’t have a design picked out yet? No problem! Here at MightyWraps we work with you to create the perfect design and build a branding package that is unique to you. Even if you already have a design in mind, we will help to bring your ideas to life.

Brand consistency is a significant facet of a business’s success and MightyWraps understands that importance. We can perfectly transfer your brand’s colors, logo, and more aspects of your brand’s elements, on a large scale, right onto your truck.

Food Truck Wrap - Firehouse Subs Catering Sprinter Van Wrap

We guarantee that your wrap will look its best from every angle. We take pride in making sure everything is carefully thought through so that your new and amazing design will never be lost or obstructed, even when a door or the service window is open. Every inch of the truck should be utilized to catch the audience’s attention – even the roof!

For maximum effectiveness, choose a full wrap, which will cover the entirety of the truck. Partial wraps, which only cover a portion of the truck, are also a great option; especially if you are working with a tighter budget.

Because your truck is your advertising platform, we suggest adding design elements such as your social media accounts, your website, or any other contact information so that customers can easily find you later.

Food Truck Wrap - Bus Wrap for Strada by Luciano's

Food Truck Wrap Process

Pre-inspect the truck before you receive the food truck wrap. Be sure to clean the truck free of grease, oil and tar. Remove all existing decals, graphics, and pinstripes. For best procedure, the food truck needs to be dry with a minimum of 6-hours’ time and free of excess waxes and finish products. Once the truck is cleared, the design is constructed to protect the vinyl. We laminate the design to protect your truck but also to protect the design from outdoor exposure. It won’t fade, erode, or peel over time. Adding the wrap to your car is done by professionals from MightyWraps. We carefully lay it out and add it to your truck. Although a complicated system, we take extreme precaution to do it right and exact the first time.

Food Truck Wrap - Cake Delivery Sprinter Van Spot Graphics

What Else You Should Know

More Bang for Your Buck: A food truck wrap can generate anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a single day, with even more views for those that operate in urban areas. A wrap for your food truck is an incredibly affordable form of marketing that will maximize your return on investment. MightyWraps only uses the highest quality of wraps for our customer’s vehicles. The wrap itself is a vinyl that protects the finish of the truck and can be removed without damaging the vehicle’s original finish, which means a higher resale value for you if ever that time comes.

Food Truck Wraps 24-Hour Advertising Fire House Subs Van Wrap

24-Hour Advertising: Vehicle wraps do the advertising for you at all times of the day, on any day of the week. Whether it’s parked or driving down the road, a colorful and well thought-out design is going to grab the attention of anyone that it passes by. And, unlike with other forms of advertising, the viewer can’t turn it off or throw it in the trash. A vehicle wrap cuts through the clutter of traditional advertising methods and can reach countless demographics, regardless of income, gender, age, and ethnicity.

What information do I display?

On your food truck wrap design, you can add anything you want. With social media being a top marketing tool, add your twitter handles or Facebook page. Use QR codes for people to scan from their phones. People will see your car as they walk, riding in traffic, from their office window and more. Your truck never stops advertising.

Professional installation: A wrap that is properly installed can last up to 7 years! Protect your investment and save time by finding a professional to apply the wrap to your vehicle for you. For safer removal check out our vehicle wrap removal page.

Professional Wrap Installation Fire House Subs Van Wrap

We Also Do…

Concession Trailers.

Do you plan on using a trailer instead of a full-blown truck? MightyWraps can wrap that trailer for you too. We also do concession trailers at MightyWraps. A concession trailer can be outfitted and used for the same purpose as a food truck. Trust MightyWraps for all your vinyl wrap needs…

Wilson's Ice and Coffee Company Concession Trailer Wrap

Catering Vehicle Wraps.

Does your company cater food? Let us turn your entire fleet into mobile billboards! Do you have a trailer you’d like to use as a food stand? We also do concession trailers at MightyWraps. A concession trailer can be outfitted and used for the same purpose as a food truck. Trust MightyWraps for all your vinyl wrap needs.
…and so much more!

Food Truck Wrap - Cake Delivery Sprinter Van Spot Graphics


A full coverage food truck wraps cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. In a four-year period, a food truck wrap costs only $1.72-$3.43 per day. *The price varies per truck types: size, edges, structure, and type of vehicle. However, it’s a onetime price for every three to five years. If you need it even cheaper, we have spot graphic designs available. US Logo produces quality food truck wraps that won’t erode the moment you drive off the lot.

Hibachi Boy Japanese Grill Catering Delivery Vehicle Wrap

*Design costs are an additional fee.

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