Fleet Wraps

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Vinyl wrapping is a process that involves applying large sheets of vinyl film to individual panels of a vehicle in order to change the color, texture, and even add graphics to the vehicle. Vinyl wraps fit so tightly to the vehicle that they are often referred to as a “second skin”. Fleet wraps in particular provide your company with an effective way to advertise your business and customize your fleet of vehicles.

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Here at MightyWraps, a division of US Logo Companies, we can assist your business with the design, printing, and installation of fleet vehicle wraps and graphics on all types and on any number of vehicles – whether it be 5 or 500 – that you may have.

Fleet vehicle wraps are not only a great option for general marketing needs, but are also perfect for:

  • . Changing a brand tagline
  • . Mergers and acquisitions
  • . Changes in the look and feel of a brand
  • • Brand extension for marketing campaigns
  • • Launching of a new brand

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We’ve completed numerous re-branding projects that have resulted in hundreds of re-branded vehicles to hit the streets.

Whether your fleet is just a few cars, or thousands of vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, we strive to meet your timeline, budget, and creative needs.

Advertising Benefits of Fleet Wraps

Fleet vehicle wraps are one of the most effective and efficient forms of advertising. Fleet wraps give you the flexibility of placing your company’s ad anywhere you wish on whatever type of vehicle you choose. Vinyl wraps are often described as mobile billboards. Your company’s message goes anywhere you do and has the chance to make a long-lasting impact with bystanders.

Wraps are also one of the most cost-effective types of advertising available today.

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Cost per Thousand Impressions:

  • Television = $23.70
  • Magazine = $21.46
  • Newspaper = $19.70
  • Radio = $7.75
  • Outdoor Signage = $3.56
  • Vehicle Wrap = $.35

Most advertising techniques can be time-consuming, and the costs can add up quickly. Fleet graphics are a time-efficient and one-time cost that continuously gains attention from thousands of consumers at all times of the day. Even traffic jams become a prime opportunity for marketing your company. Companies that have chosen to apply wraps to their fleet have seen increases of presence and recognition within the marketplace.

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There are numerous other benefits of fleet wraps for your company’s vehicles:

  • • Wraps have proven themselves to have the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising.
  • • Vehicular advertising reaches those not exposed to other advertising mediums such as newspaper, television, or radio.
  • • Unlike with television and radio, consumers cannot turn off mobile advertising.
  • • Advertisement occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • • It is possible to reach anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 potential customers in a single day by an individual vehicle.
  • • Vehicular advertising increases name recognition 15 times more than other advertising alternatives.
  • • Vehicle wraps rank highly amongst other advertising media for positive associations.
  • • 98% of in-car audiences have said they noticed ads placed on vehicles.
  • • Mobile marketing reaches close to 85% of people of all income levels.
  • • The average vehicle is driven 15,000 miles a year, which will pass by roughly 9 million other vehicles.

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Transit advertising has become the second largest segment of outdoor advertising in terms of dollars spent. Considering Americans spend an average of 15 hours a week in a car, that gives your company a relatively large time frame to catch their attention. Fleet wraps also allow your business to appeal to countless demographics – a wide array of ages, incomes, professions, etc. – and create an exciting, memorable, and affordable form of marketing.

Any good advertising begins with a strong brand. Your logo, slogan, and brand design need to make an instantly positive impression. It is also important to note that your vehicle graphics should be simple and clear. Your audience does not have an excessive amount of time to view your message. By limiting your design to the most important of facts – such as phone number and web address, and your company name and logo – the audience will obtain only the most essential information and will come away with recognition of your brand and how to reach out to your company.

With how successful automobile wraps are and the impact they make, how could you not justify choosing MightyWraps to assist you in converting your company vehicles into advertising machines?

Types of Fleet Wraps:

Full Coverage Wrap

Full coverage wraps provide you with bumper to bumper vinyl coverage, giving you maximum design potential for your advertising needs and wants.

Partial Coverage Wrap

Partial coverage wraps allow you to choose the specific areas in which you would like to apply the wrap or graphic. Partial wraps typically cover 50% of the vehicle. For instance, if you are looking to add your company’s graphic on the driver and passenger side doors only and a colored vinyl to the hood, this option is for you.

Also available to you are roof only, hood only, and cockpit styles. A cockpit style wrap will cover the entire canopy of the vehicle, including the pillars around the windows.

Spot Coverage Wrap

Great for businesses, spot coverage allows you to place the company logo, contact information, or even your business license on small sections of the vehicle, such as the hood, door, tailgate, and back doors of vans, cargos, and buses.

Davis Moore Sprinter Van Fleet Wraps

Types of Vehicles Typically Used in Fleet Services

  • • Trucking Fleets: individual tractors that carry a trailer. These trucks can transport products for one or several different brands.
  • • Delivery Fleets: trucks or vans used to deliver goods locally. Think of UPS and FedEx.
  • • Taxi Cab Fleets: typically cars or vans that are used as service vehicles.
  • • Rental Car Fleets: cars, trucks, vans, and more that that are rented for personal transportation or for moving purposes, such as Hertz or U-Haul.
  • • Public Utility Fleets: cars, trucks, or vans that are used for repair and maintenance services.
  • • Commercial Fleets: a variety of vehicle types used to perform varying tasks each day.

Our wraps come available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and textures. Choose from hundreds of unique colors, patterns, and finishes, including metallic, matte, chrome, shade-shifting and many more.

Additional Benefits of Wrapping Your Fleet Vehicles

One of the most beneficial aspects of vinyl wraps is that they will help to protect your investments. Factory paint is constantly being damaged by UV rays and everyday scratches and dents caused by road debris and typical wear and tear, which accelerates the aging process and negatively affects the resale value of the vehicle. Vinyl wraps act as a coating to help protect what’s underneath. If damage occurs to the vinyl, the damaged panel is simply removed and replaced, with hardly any downtime.

Vinyl is also incredibly easy to maintain – no waxing or clear coats needed here. Soap and water is all it takes to get your vehicle looking brand new again. These wraps are incredibly durable and flexible, and are much more affordable than a paint job would be.

A quality vinyl wrap will last anywhere from 4 to 7 years, which means your business will get 3 to 6 years of a solid return on investment on your vinyl wrap.

CK Plumbing Fleet Utility Van Fleet Wraps

Cost of Fleet Wraps

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality work at a reasonable price. Pricing is based on the type of vehicle and the amount and type of vinyl coverage you choose.

Our services are available for all kinds of vehicles, all the way from motorcycles to yachts. We will work with you on every aspect of the job and at any stage, including designing, printing, and installing.

Our basic design package fees start out around $300.00.

Trailer Wraps Pricing (all trailer wrap costs includes driver and curb sides)

  • 7’ x 7’ = $475
  • 10’ x 7’ = $1,331.00
  • 12’ x 7’ = $1,596.00
  • 14’ x 7’ = $1,862.00
  • 16’ x 7’ = $2,128.00
  • 18’ x 7’ = $2,394.00
  • 20’ x 7’ = $2,660.00
  • 8’ x 8’ = $600.00
  • 10’ x 8’ = $1,520.00
  • 12’ x 8’ = $1,824.00
  • 14’ x 8’ = $2,128.00
  • 16’ x 8’ = $2,432.00
  • 18’ x 8’ = $2,736.00
  • 20’ x 8’ = $3,040.00

*Measurements based on back door sizes

SKT Fleet Trailer Wrap

To get an idea of what your project may cost, check out our Sample Vehicle Wrap Pricing List.*

*Prices shown are estimates based on vehicle size. Final cost is calculated after vehicle measurements and after the project has been clearly defined. Sales tax to be calculated after the total amount due is determined.

If you’re looking to apply wraps on 4 or more vehicles in your fleet, don’t forget to ask us about our incentive program.

In an effort to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we are able to conduct design consultations by e-mail, phone, or in person.

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Get the most bang for your buck out of your fleet by adding vehicle graphics. At MightyWraps, our team of experienced professionals has the experience, ingenuity, and creativity to brand your fleet in a timely, effective, and economic way. Our designers will help you to create eye-catching designs that will attract the attention of every driver and passenger out on the road. Meanwhile, our vinyl wrap professionals will work to provide you with a seamless and remarkable installation every time.

For answers to all of your fleet wrap questions, give us a call at (316) 264-1321 where our friendly employees are ready and willing to help.