Car Wraps

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Vinyl wraps have been used on vehicles for over 30 years. Both individuals and businesses alike have found them to be an amazing way to personalize and grab the attention of bystanders. Advancements in technology have allowed vinyl wraps to be printed with highly detailed and vibrant graphics. If you’re looking to update the appearance of your car, vinyl wraps are the way to go!

2017 ZL1 Camaro Car Wrap by MightyWraps2017 ZL1 Camaro Full Coverage Color Change Lightning Bolt Print

Car Wrap Benefits

  • • Visually grabbing
  • • Can reach up to 40,000 people a day
  • • Protects factory paint, improving resale value
  • • Incredibly affordable – costs only around 4 cents per thousand impressions

2016 Dodge Challenger Hemi Hood Wrap2016 Dodge Challenger Hemi Hood Wrap

More Benefits

Vinyl is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and does not fade over time. If any vinyl panel happens to become damaged, you can simply replace the damaged panel without worrying about the rest of the car. By protecting your car from road debris and UV rays (which accelerate the aging process), vinyl wraps help to better maintain your investment.

2017 Super Charged Dodge Challenger Hellcat Car Wrap

As an added benefit, a vinyl wrap will instantly make your car look like it rolled straight off of the showroom floor. No matter the previous condition of your car’s paint job, a wrap will instantly make it look brand new!

BMW Satin Black Color Change Car WrapBMW Satin Black Color Change Car Wrap

Vinyl wraps are also a great alternative to re-painting your car. They are much more affordable, and less of a commitment than paint jobs. Wraps allow you to create a whole new look, through countless finishes, colors, and designs. Our wraps can be removed whenever you choose, which means you can change the style and color of your car anytime you want!

Wichita State University Police Science Ford Crown Victoria Car WrapWichita State University Police Science Ford Crown Victoria Car Wrap

How Vinyl Wraps are Applied

Before we can apply the vinyl wrap, we will first, with precise detail, make sure that the car is completely cleaned and free from dirt or dust. We will also use a clay bar to ensure that any tar or road grime has been removed from the surface. Any trim, bumpers, headlights, taillights, or door handles will be removed in order to clean around those, as well. Next, a solution will be applied to remove any wax or other contaminates from the vehicle’s surface. Once we have made certain the vehicle has been fully prepped, we can begin the application of the wrap.

KAKE News ABC Honda Partial WrapKAKE News ABC Honda Partial Fleet Car Wrap

Before installation begins, our professionals will carefully and meticulously measure your vehicle to ensure a seamless fit for your new wrap. The wrap itself is similar to a large-format sticker. Once we’ve made sure the layout and the measurements are perfect, we carefully lay the vinyl out onto the specified panel of the vehicle and, with just a few more tweaks, you’ll be back on in the road in no time at all!

Vinyl Colors and Finishes

We offer over 300 different colors and finishes! Just a few of the finishes you have to choose from include gloss, metallic, satin, matte, chrome, and brushed steel; with your color options being virtually endless!

HOA Management Full Coverage Fleet WrapHOA Management Full Coverage Fleet Car Wrap

Ways to Wrap Your Car

We offer several different options in which you can apply a wrap to your car. If you’re not ready to commit to a full car wrap, you can choose to apply it only to certain parts of the vehicle. You have complete control over how much you want covered!

Here’s a look at some of the different options we offer:

• Full Wrap

A full wrap will provide you with bumper to bumper vinyl coverage. If you want a complete facelift for your car, this is the choice for you!
An added bonus to a full wrap is that all of your vehicle’s painted surfaces will be completely protected from UV rays and road debris.

2015 Camaro RS Matte Black Full Coverage Color Change Car Wrap2010 Camaro RS Matte Black Full Coverage Color Change Car Wrap

Brown Camo Camaro Full Coverage Car Wrap w/ American Flag Hood Wrap and Roof WrapBrown Camo Camaro Full Coverage Car Wrap w/ American Flag Hood Wrap and Roof Wrap

• Partial Wrap

A partial wrap allows you to cover a select portion of your vehicle, such as the hood and front bumper. If you’re working on a limited budget, this is a great option for you.

2008 Mercedes 288SLK Spot Car Wrap2008 Mercedes 288SLK Car Wrap

• Spot Wraps

A great option for businesses, a spot graphic allows you to place your company’s logo or contact information onto the side of your car.

• Roof Only

A roof wrap creates a contrasting visual effect that breaks up the color of the body of the car from the roof. You could even use the vinyl wrap to create a custom design for the roof.

• Cockpit Style

Similar to the roof wrap, the cockpit style wrap covers the roof of the car, but also includes the pillars around the car’s windows. This is a popular style for “super-cars”.

• Hood Only

If you’re looking to boost your car’s performance, and wouldn’t mind a visual change to go along with it, a carbon fiber hood wrap is a great option. These are a common weight-saving measure and are popular amongst race cars. Or, if you just want the racecar look without the performance boost, we can do that too!

2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hood Wrap by MightyWrapsDodge Challenger SRT Hood Wrap by MightyWraps

Other Car Wrap Options

Add more personality to your car by adding:

  • • Racing stripes
  • • Rally stripes
  • • Back window wraps
  • • Windshield eyebrow decals
  • • Die cut graphics
  • • Bumper wraps
  • • Spoiler wraps
  • • Rocker wraps
  • • Interior wraps
  • • Wheel accents

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT350R Rally Stripes and Custom Matching Cobra Emblem Wrap by MightyWraps Car Wrap2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Rally Stripes by MightyWraps Car Wraps

Car Wrap Pricing

What type of car do you have?

Coupe Wrap *

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* Roof coverage add $350.00

Sedan Wrap

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* All amounts plus tax.

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*Pricing varies on vehicle size, shape, design, and coverage area. Give us a visit for a more accurate estimate from our friendly professionals.

We also do:

  • • ATV wraps
  • • Motorcycle wraps
  • • Tool box wraps
  • • Refrigerator wraps
  • • Interior cabinet wraps
  • • Interior wall wraps
  • • Accent wall murals
  • • POP (Point of Purchase) floor graphics
  • • Interior signage
  • • Brick wrap

1965 Chevy Nova Vintage Dragster Full Coverage Car Wrap1965 Chevy Nova Vintage Dragster Full Coverage Car Wrap

Take the Look of Your Car to the Next Level

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay! Our design team will guide you throughout every step of the process to create the car you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll work with you to decide which options are best for you, while also keeping your budget in mind.

2015 ZL1 Corvette Stingray Car Wrap by MightyWraps2015 ZL1 Corvette Stingray Matte Black Vinyl Accents

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