Direct Mail

In an age of email, direct mail stands out because people don’t actually get them all that often anymore.

But a bad mailer can remind people why they aren’t sent out, whereas a good one can do a ton for your business. Direct mail needs to be handled correctly by people who know what separates direct mail from junk mail – we can help you there.

Direct Mail campaigns are targeted based on your preferred audience. Mailing list can be purchased from third party companies that let you choose demographics, such as age, race, gender, income level, and other various data. This will allow your campaign to target in on your ideal customer avatar, which will in turn increase your ROI and save you time by placing your advertisement in front of those who want your services.


Did you know we also offer EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail? Every door direct mail is different than direct mail. EDDM – USPS (United States Postal Service) Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can make a large impact. EDDM first has to catch it’s audience through a wide range of potential customers that may or may not want or need your services.

The main difference between EDDM and Direct Mail is the audience that receives it. EDDM is more location based targeting. In this case you choose a particular USPS route, that a mail carrier takes, and hit every door via direct mail.

This option is very effective if you’re looking for a specific area to target the EDDM blast. This can work well for roofers after a hail storm has gone through or for local stores in the selected marketed area.

One of the main benefits is that EDDM is cheap on postage and you can blast an entire zip code. Also, EDDM is far more easier to put into practice than target direct mail.
You don’t have to purchase mailing lists from 3rd party sources and you can decide which zip code to blast your EDDM campaign to.

Whether you pick to use targeted direct mail or EDDM our mail marketing experts will be able to help you achieve your desired goals in obtaining new leads and conversions. We also have an in-house art department and graphic designers to help you create ads that cater to your audiences.

Did you say, “where is a direct mail service shop near me?”

Well here we are, conveniently located at 520 N. West St in Wichita, Kansas.