• Brand development and marketing go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Without solid brand development, marketing your company or product will be very difficult. Browse our galleries and let us know how we can assist you in branding your product and or company… Read More

    Brand Development

  • Graphic Design

    We have 4 in-house professional graphic designers

    In business over 27 years, US Logo has become known as an industry leader in creative designs. Our team of designers are not only creative, but business savvy, analytical in their approach, and results oriented. Your logo should be legible when small and when displayed as a single color… Read More

    Graphic Design

  • Billboards

    Whether its digital or static billboards, US Logo will help you get seen.

    Billboards offer advertising that can be seen from miles around, and in that case, you want something that is extremely well done… Read More


  • Social Media

    Your company is important and so is your social media presence.

    If you would like to see samples of our work or have questions about social media, feel free to give us a call at (316) 264-1321 or stop by our showroom at 520 N. West Street, just 1 mile south of Central & West St… Read More

    Social Media

  • Print Advertising

    Print advertising is everywhere. But are you?

    From mailers to hanging signs, print advertisement might seem old-fashioned, but in a place like Wichita, it can go a very long way. Print advertisements seem simple, but there is a subtle art to it that really makes a difference between a basic print advertising plan… Read More

    Print Advertising

  • Direct Mail

    Is direct mail right for your business?

    In an age of email, direct mailers stand out because people don’t actually get them all that often anymore. But a bad mailer can remind people why they aren’t sent out, whereas a good one can do a ton for your business…. Read More

    Direct Mail