Advertising with Ads that Roll

Ultimate Visibility: These box trucks drive a specific route 5 days per week. They spend a minimum of 15 hours per day on the road and/or parked in front of restaurants, grocery stores and many other public locations.

T-Mobile Ads that Roll Box Truck Advertisement

Creative, one-of-a-kind art: Your message/graphics/ad artwork is applied as a high quality wrap to these box trucks either on both sides, the driver’s side only or the passenger’s side only at your discretion and the prices* listed above. Production costs are included in the rates listed above. There are two options for the advertisement art:

• Provide Art: You can provide complete, to-size, high resolution (150 dpi or higher), print-ready art as a PDF, JPG, EPS or AI file. Any adjustments that need made to the art to make it fit the wrap space are included in the price stated above.
• Custom Designed Art by US Logo: The initial design of the ad is included in prices listed above. Revisions to the art created will incur a charge of $65 per hour.
All artwork must either be provided to the US Logo offices or approved, 15 days prior to the contract start date. The installation schedule cannot be finalized until ALL files have arrived and/or been approved.
Boot Barn Ads that Roll Box Truck Advertisement

How it works: You choose your advertising start date and sign the contract. Provide art to the US Logo offices or work with a CSR to have your advertisement designed.

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    Approve or provide artwork 15 days prior to the contract start date. Your mobile ad will be installed and rolling on the contract start date.**

    *PLEASE NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice and may differ from the information stated here.

    **Occasionally inclement weather and/or acts of nature may prevent on time installation. Advertiser will be notified and contract will be extended to compensate
    for any delay.

    For up-to-date pricing, terms and conditions, please call 316.264.1321